How to add this to Netvibes.

  1. Go to Builder page, set region, size and other options, copy the code bellow.
  2. Following things are in Netvibes.
  3. Go to Netvibes and Sign in.
  4. Click 'Add content' -> 'Essential widgets' -> '2' or 'next' -> select 'HTML Editor' -> 'Add to my page'.
  5. Click the setting icon (second one from right side) at right top corner of 'HTML Editor' added below.
  6. Check 'Expert Mode', then push 'End'.
  7. Click the setting icon, move cursor to 'Mouse over, then click Edit' and push 'Edit'.
  8. Remove 'Mouse over, then click Edit', and paste code, then push 'End edition'.
  9. Push 'End'.
This service basically supports the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It does not support Compatibility View Mode of Internet Explorer.